Newquay Surfing Camping Trip

Hey everyone. Welcome to our first overnight stay trip of 2021. It has been a hectic year and you all deserve a break, surfing, in Newquay, with amazing people. This is a beginners trip so everyone of all abilities, you are very welcome. In terms of itinerary, basically we will be surfing all day and partying all night.
In the spirit of being one with nature and stepping out of our comfort zones, we're having a very organic camping trip. The campsite has bathrooms but thats it. Essentially you'll be provided a spot of grass and it's up to you to ensure you have enough with you to survive the three nights. Once we have the numbers, we will sort everyone into groups for cars and for organisational sake it might be easiest to sort food between the cars, although this is up to you.

A list of what you might need for the camping side is:
- a tent
- sleeping bag
- plates/bowls
- cutlery
- food (although there are supermarkets in Newquay which you can buy everything at)
- towel
- warm clothes for the evenings

Also be aware there are no cooking facilities so if you want hot meals, make sure you bring your own.
The price includes the camping, the transport there and back and obviously all the kit you need.
We'll make an event on facebook once we have the signup sorted to post more info as we go along.
If you have any questions, feel free to message us.

Newquay- Cornwall

June 7, 2021 - June 10, 2021



30 Spaces

Signup May. 25th 6 p.m.