St Ives Christmas Bash

We will be heading to St Ives for our Christmas trip this year. St Ives is a cute town near the end of Cornwall, going at this time also has the bonus of the Christmas lights being on. The dates are 9-11th Dec (it moved).

Everyone is welcome on this trip, we will be doing lessons for beginners and helping those who want to, move towards green waves. Leaving on the Friday at 6pm from Redbrick (by SUSU) and aim to return around 23:00 on the Sunday.

We will be staying in Cohort which is probably one of the nicest hostels we stay at. With a large common area and kitchen which means we can do group meals and save some money by not eating out.

There are only 40 spaces on this trip, which we are expecing to fill very quickly when sign up opens on friday 21st at 6pm. Make sure you're sat, logged in ready for release.

We will confirm who made it into trip my Tuesday 25th Oct by adding everyone to a FB group. if we can't find you on FB we will try email & text (if you gave your number when settting up your account)

Any questions ask on instagram or one of commitee. We will be on the thursday social to answer any questions in person.

Ps. remeber early bird membership ends on the 22nd. You will need membership to come on any trips :)

Stay stoked 🤙

Your Trip Secs,

Theo & Aleks

St Ives - Cohort

Dec. 9, 2022 - Dec. 11, 2022

6 p.m.


40 Spaces

Signup Oct. 21st 6 p.m.