Newquay - Post exams

With exams all over we will be back on the surf grind, heading to Newquay to try catch some of that beutiful winter swell.

We will be staying at Blue rooms, which provides breakfast each morning. The amount of spaces is dependant on the amount of drivers/cars who sign up. So be quick to ensure yourself a space. Drivers will get piority.

Plan will be to meet at red brick for 5:30pm on friday 17th Feb. If a full car wants to leave earlier thats also fine. then return late on sunday (can check out late on sunday too so can shower etc before the drive home)

As per, we will be be providing boards and suits for those who need them, as well as lessons for those who want a reminder or haven't been before (although do need to be a competent swimmer). It is a cold time of year, although the club suits are warm it can be worthwile to get boots/gloves to keep you in a little longer, they aren't needed but can help.

Sign up will open Sunday 22nd at 6pm and close 12 (noon) on wednesday (25th). I will then confirm who made it by messaging on the 26th. Keep an eye out on FB for a message/friend request from me (Theo Marley). If you dont get a message, im sorry but you havent made it on this occasion. if i can't find your Fb i might email.

Any questions drop us a message


P.S. yes we will take some monster

Blue Room Newquay

Feb. 17, 2023 - Feb. 19, 2023

6 p.m.


35 Spaces

Signup Jan. 22nd 6 p.m.