Easter Morroco trip

We are going to Morroco staying at Surf Taghazout. There is a few options for this one depending how long you want to go and what's included.

The camp looks over a beach, with a town nearby. Is a skatepark within a 15 min walk (can hire boards at shops in the area)

Everyone will go on the 26th of March flying to Agadir airport. With the option to return on either the 2nd of april or the 4th.

The two packages available are:

Package 1: For students who want to surf by themselves without taking surf lessons. Not recommended for beginners and intermediate students who want to improve surfing!

7 nights accommodation = £299 pp
9 nights accommodation = £385 pp

* Friendly helpful Surf Team
* pick up and drop off from the Agadir Airport
* accommodation beach front
* 7/9 days breakfast
* 6/8 days packed lunch
* 3/4 days dinner
* 1x days dinner BBQ night
* 5/7 days transportation to the surf spots
* 5/7 days surf board use (foamies and hardboards)
* 5/7 days wetsuit use
* 1 day trip to Paradise Valley and Argan oil Village
* free Wifi internet access

Package 2: For all students who want to learn, or improve their surfing skill. It does not matter what your level is, the lessons are available for all levels of surfing!


7 nights accommodation = £315 pp
9 nights accommodation = £405 pp

all of the above +
* 5/7 days x 2 hours of surf lessons morning with surfing instructor
* 5/7 days x rest of the day free surfing

There will also be the option for some extras to do activities like yoga or visit some extra places. Will give info on these after signing up, along with surfboard choice.

YOU WILL NEED TO BOOK YOUR OWN FLIGHT!!!! We recommend these flights although there are other options available.
Please let us know what flights you're on once you have booked them.
Please try travel with others.Can also share hold bags with others to help split the cost?
We will make a group with everyone to help organise this. [If you get a flight without many others you may have to pay more for transfers]

To be fair to the people with exams on friday the Suggested flights will be released on saturday, please dont search flights as the price will go up!!!! currently it is about £170 for return for 8 days and £120 for 10 days.

Sign up will open at 12 00 on the 27th and close 1200 on the 3rd with payment due by 6pm on the 3rd. There is no cap on numbers so you can pay without confimation, if you've signed up and paid you have a space. Deposit is £50

Name: University of Southampton Surf Club
Acc No.: 01488726
Sort Code: 30-90-34
Ref: Morroco int surname (i.e. MorrocoTMarley)

If you need to drop out for any reason the camp can swap you place to someone else although cannot give a refund, you will be responsible for finding a replacement and to cancel any trains/flights if you have booked. It might also be worth getting your own travel insurance.

Any questions put them in the group chat or message us.

Your trip secs

Theo & Aleks


Morroco - SurfTaghazout

March 28, 2023 - April 2, 2023



100 Spaces

Signup Jan. 27th noon